JUNE 30, 2020 | Author truly tech solution

Enhancing the User Experience of Chatbots

The Role of User Experience is indispensable in the success of any application. All the great features of your product would not be “great” if they are not usable!

In the course of action for improving user experience, many businesses are implementing chatbots. Indeed, chatbots have a myriad of advantages: giving personalized responses, reducing the work users need to do for getting the information they need, and others. Also, advances in AI brought improvements in conversational bots for solving human needs.

But, you can’t just include any kind of chatbot and get it over with thinking that you have perfected your experience! While it is certainly true that chatbots improve User Experience… if they are not properly designed the very same chatbot can hurt it.

Remember that great features aren’t great if they are not usable in an intended way? if your chatbot which is supposed to solve UX issues itself has UX issues, then you are back to square one!

Hello! We are Truly tech solutions and in this guide, we share some insights as to what goes into designing a great conversational user experience.

Start with why:

As with any endeavor, starting with why eliminates a lot of confusion and helps to set a proper goal. Ask yourself what are the specific needs of your customers you are going to tackle with your chatbot. If you already have customers, you can begin requirement elicitation and validation from the start! Try to find out if they would use a chatbot for the tasks that you want automated.

It is also important to define use cases and how they unfold. This helps you to put your chatbot into context and provide necessary information or service for helping your users.

Maintain Consistency and Usability throughout the dialogue:

Your first message should clearly mention about you and what the user can expect out of the bot and make sure each answer is complete and leads to the next appropriate question. Also, showing what the bot is doing in the background will help people in understanding what is going on which is a lot better than just leaving them wondering if your bot had even understood their query!

Getting your end right is as important as the start and continuation. In Case your bot fails to solve the problem of the user, give them any additional links or link them to your representatives for further solutions. Also, Users in either case of being their objectives accomplished or not would have valuable feedback for you. Ask them to provide feedback that you can use for further development.

Aim for continuous improvement:

You might not get everything correct for the first time. By continuously iterating the above processes all while incorporating feedback from your customers, you need to continuously improve your chatbots and reach perfection!

With developments of new technology, making and developing chatbots are easier. A report by Grand View Research expected that the chatbot market could go by $1.2 billion by the next decade! In Addition to the text-based chatbots, automated call centers are also going to rise!

Truly’s experience with designing conversational UX — Nuacem:


Our experience with designing conversational UX happened with Nuacem, a company that develops a suite of conversational bots. We helped Nuacem with product design for conversational user experience, helped them in branding & identity design, and also built their website. They are happy with us and are satisfied. Having satisfied and happy customers are our common goals indeed!