AUGEST 06, 2020 | Author truly tech solution

Design that speaks to the eyes

Design is truly a visual voice that speaks to the eyes… that communicates your brand to your consumers. A study by Adobe shows that over a span of 10 years, companies with strong design outperform companies with weak design by 219% on the S&P index which readily tells how important design is!

While everyone agrees that great design is important, no one agrees on the specifics of design.

However, there are certain things that are universally accepted as the qualities of a great design.

That is, a design could be considered great if the design that does the following:

Design that makes the Great first impression:

With hundreds of thousands of brands competing for the attention of your consumer daily, any business needs to hook its consumers on the first impression itself. Many studies have shown that it takes just 50 milliseconds to assess a visual appeal!

Figuring out what key things you want to communicate to the consumer at the start and how to tell those details helps you create a great design that makes a great first and lasting impression.

Design that creates trust:

Before any of your consumers starts a business with you and entrusts you to help them, they assess the risks. Thus It is important to build trust in business through design. Incorporating testimonials, showing your team, your values are some of the ways you can build this trust!

Also, a design that creates trust needs to be a long-lasting one. It takes many impressions of a logo to register into the minds of people and if you change it often, people may intuitively feel your brand as untrustable.

Design that communicates value:

Every user will have a purpose: be it aesthetic/pleasure or material/professional. The primary objective of your business is to understand the needs of your customers and provide solutions for their problems… that is how you come into the context of your users and provide them value. Often, your prospective customers do not even know they have a problem or can articulate them. Great design communicates the value that your business provides in a way they understand!

Design that inspires to take action:

Once the user gets trust in your businesses and is convinced of the value it provides they may have a little bit of hesitation for further action… be it slight confusion of where to go, needing further information, or just lack of sense of urgency. Aptly called Call To Action, it is the message you give that informs your customers of the next steps they need to take.


Including CTA eliminates much of the confusion and provides a direction and possibly a sense of urgency for the user to go fulfill their needs!

Final Words:

The above things are just the tip of the iceberg… There are many other principles and concepts that tell what great designs are and how they should be. As I mentioned at the start, there is no specific rule set or guide for telling exactly how to design things which could be incredibly frustrating for beginners. But, this helps to remove the hegemony of a few ideas and lets everyone pursue their own path of great design!

After working hard creatively communicating things and solving problems through design, the result would be highly satisfactory and you can contribute to the ever-expanding ideas of design!