JUNE 25, 2020 | Author truly tech solution

Hello! Why don’t we start with a brief introduction of your company?

👋 Hello! Truly is a branding and Product UX/UI Design Studio that helps businesses accomplish their objectives. Keeping simple, intelligent design as the prime focus, we help build the brand of our clients from the basic steps to ensuring the best User Experience for our clients’ customers.

That’s great! Can you please elaborate more on your services?

Sure, we provide complete Brand design and User Experience solutions for businesses. We lay a strong foundation for the business through branding ensuring that it stands unique - right from identity to packaging. Our services in branding include designing the brand logo, Branding guide, formulating brand strategy, Brand stationery design and Print Media design.

Coming to our User Experience services, we strive to craft enjoyable experiences that solve real problems and aptly fit goals. We Start with research and laying out strategy and proceed through our User experience Design, User Interface Design, Visual & Web design. All of this ensures that your foundation in the digital world is responsive, seamless and intuitive.

Everything is appropriately tested too. We believe pitfalls and climbing up as our best guides! We do extensive A/B testing along with prototypes to understand what’s best for our clients. We deliver web designs that engage your audience and enable optimized interaction for our client’s specific business.

That’s not the end of it though, We offer product design services providing product strategy, defining the scope of the product, prototype design, Visual design, constructing the app all related to the digital product. We also help businesses in customer acquisition, providing great customer experience and retaining their customers!


Great outcomes come from great processes right.. What is the core process behind your work?

That is true. Our branding process starts with understanding and trying to convey the story of our client. We go beyond requirements. We ask questions, a lot of them. We dive into our client’s culture, their models and business. We know our clients are with us because … we strive to give what our clients are looking for and more
From there through positioning your brand as relatable in the customers’ minds, setting the correct tone of voice and putting everything together, we provide a visual identity.

Next, for User experience, we start with detailed market research providing us with many insights, then delve into process architecture, visual and interaction designs ending with perfect user experience for products in the beta/shipped/released stage.

Our custom design process starts with a briefing, carrying onto the processes of researching, ideation, presentation & revisions. Once we get everything right and ready to go live, we start executing the ideas, deliver it as expected to you and publish them!

All of this work is greatly helped by our use of different tools including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD and others.


What helped your company grow from its infancy to what it is now?

Definitely our people and our best relations with the clients. Our people are full of curiosity, positive mindset and entrepreneurial attitude that enable us to deliver the best quality product for our clients.

Our core values are being accountable, striving for excellence, never settling in the same spot, growing together with the team, being adventurous, being limitless, staying positive and always passionate towards our work. These make sure that we are always oriented to the right path and achieve the common goal of ours and our clients — creating memorable user experiences!